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Los Angeles, CA

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Created by Professional Makeup Artist and Esthetician, Asia El.

It's really simple, I love creating Artisan Body Care. Every product is meticulously crafted in my home studio with exceptional, natural ingredients and backed by over 20 years of skincare knowledge and experience. From conception to completion I am passionate about every detail and committed to giving each customer an outstanding experience.

I am a Brooklyn, NY native currently living in Los Angeles with my awesome spouse. I'm not big on titles but since you asked :) ... I am a woman wearing quite a few hats. I am a passionate Soap Maker and incidental photographer, a pretty decent cook, background actor (when i’m not making soap) and a student of this amazing world we share. I prefer hugs over handshakes and I have a healthy obsession with Cherry Blossoms. Laughter and herbal teas are my go-to cure all. My life's motto is "Live, love and do Good On Purpose."

I practice and encourage a multi-faceted, uncomplicated approach to skincare and beauty:

Lifestyle - Reduce and protect your skin from overexposure to damaging sun rays/harsh elements, exercise and eat nutrient rich foods. Savor life and make time to care for your body. Your life is a special occasion. Pull the tags off that beautiful outfit and wear it!

Wellness - Use Asia El Artisan Body Care to nourish your skin and enhance your beauty. Adopt stress reduction practices. Breathe deep, exhale slowly and laugh often. It is perferctly fine to be self-ish (meditation, prayer, spa day, etc.) now and again. Replenishing ourselves will allow us to show up for others without sacrificing personal well being.

Inspiration - Spread love, positive energy and encourage others to live fully. Volunteer in your community whenever possible. Speak your words with good intentions.


Good On Purpose.


Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Watch me make soap and discuss various topics.


Meticulously handcrafted



 ar-ti-san  A person or company creating high-quality, distinctive products in small quantities, usually by hand using traditional methods.

Plant powered ingredients.

Plant powered ingredients.

Plant Powered Body Care

While carefully harnessing the nourishing benefits of plant based ingredients, we create exceptional Artisan Body Care. Our products are naturally effective and environmentally sound.



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Global Inspiration

Asia El Artisan Body Care products are created with responsibly sourced ingredients, inspired by the beauty of cultural and global skincare practices. 

Giving Back

Strong communities begin with an individual effort. Each year we select  non-profit, local organizations to donate products to and volunteer our time.