Asia El Artisan Body Care
Meticulously Handcrafted
in Los Angeles

Thank you for making us a part of your Body Care.

Every product we create is Vegan and Cruelty Free.

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Asia El Artisan Body Care Products

Powdered Lavender – Buttered Radiant Body Oil – 4 oz


Artisan Perfume


Blue Amber
Reed Diffuser 6.7 oz


Rose Otto Hydrosol
4 oz



Artisan Perfume

Bath + Shower

Face Care

Lip Care

Moisturizing Body Oil

Body Butter & Body Cream

Coconut Milk Body Bar

Home Fragrance

Natural Beard Oil


Cotton Flower Buttered
Sugar Scrub – 9 oz


Crystal Clean
Deodorant 4.25 oz


California White Sage



Created by Professional Makeup Artist and Esthetician, Asia El.

It’s really simple, I love creating Artisan Body Care. My years working
as a professional MUA and Esthetician lead me to this inevitable transition.

Every product is meticulously crafted in my home studio with exceptional, natural ingredients,
backed by over 20+ years of knowledge and experience.

Glowing Orange Aura
Buttered Radiant Body Oil – 4 oz


Coconut Milk Radiant
Clay Mask


Natural Beard Oil
Vanilla Tobacco


French Clay Face
Care Soap 3.5 oz


Asia El Artisan Body Care’s



The Buttered Radiant Face Oil leaves my face moisturized all day and my favorite is the Shea Body Butter, it makes my kin soft and glistens. 

– Charlene 

Have you ever bathed in liquid sunshine? Well, that’s what my favorite bar soap(Juice) by Asia El is like. From the moment that I unwrap it my senses come alive. First the amazing colors greet me and then the fragrance makes me smile. I literally cannot wait to jump into the shower. Her soaps are the only ones I use simply because I love the way it makes my usually dry skin feel so moisturized. Next, I use her French clay bar soap to wash my face, then I spray her rose spray and to finish the experience I use a couple drops of her fabulous oat oil while my face is still damp and voila my skin glows and literally looks like I just came from a spa. I have spent so much money on “name brand” products but my skin loves what it loves and so I give Asia El the biggest thank you for bringing my skin to life

 – Francelle  

Since buying my first product from Asia El I’ve been hooked!  I love the Vitamin C face wash and the oat oil. Her all-natural products have brought out the natural beauty of my skin. 

– Danni 

My favorite soaps in the whole world are Asia El Artisan Body Care soaps. I met Asia at her table years ago at Fair Fax Flea Market and have been ordering from her ever since.

I reached out to her to ask about a larger order of soaps to give as gifts with my When She Comes Back book launch and she made up a batch of beautiful pink amber bars. Then I got to open the box she sent and breathe in that fragrant goodness for a while.

If you like fresh, clean, and luxurious skin care you need to check Asia El Artisan Body Care out. I was so happy to share these gifts with EZ Reads

– Ronit